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February 10, 2020

Trained quality engineers on performing quality assurance visits and other quality system best practices. Implemented Volvo Product Safety Management process in North America supply base. Conducted supplier surveys, special process surveys, internal ISO based audits and assisted in FAA (ACSEP) audits. Verified via process audits compliance to contractual requirements. Coordinated objectives with production procedures in cooperation with other plant personnel to maximize product reliability and minimize costs. Involved in application of statistical techniques to achieve desired product quality. Provided training to suppliers on quality system requirements, advised and approved manufacturing process improvements. Supervised the Quality requirements and performance verification of procured semiconductor devices including diodes, field effect transistors and bi-polar transistors. Worked as Manager of SQA Department with three direct report SQEs, 150 suppliers and over 1000 part numbers. Monitored job quality throughout production runs with statistical process controls on all press and part parameters. Performed Quality Management System audits and SAP statistical data analysis. Participated in Material Review Board (MRB) disposition and negotiations with vendors and suppliers. Continued education also helps to ensure minimal mistakes in the future due to using outdated tools or methods. Worked on the current as well as NPI program. Performed supplier audits, readiness verification, acting as launch SQE with suppliers. Implemented an internal audit program and trained twenty associates to continually evaluate the adequacy and effective implementation of the quality system. Implemented automated certificate of acceptance data transfer and SPC controls for all critical suppliers and materials for US manufacturing sites. Participated in Kaizen teams to reduce cost and defects. One common requirement in several engineering fields is the need to perform structural analysis. Coordinated conference calls with suppliers and supplier quality engineers. Developed Quality System for Initial Operations under QS9000 requirements* Supply Chain Management. Observed and analyzed current methods, processes and made recommendations to bring about improved process/product quality, work simplification and cost reduction. Initiated and trained High Impact suppliers in APQP and reporting guidelines. Performed Internal Audits to verify QMS compliance and continuous improvement. Demonstrating your familiarity with data modeling structures will help make you a more appealing candidate to your potential employer. Developed/improved internal Honeywell processes and tools to more closely resemble automotive quality standards (APQP). Trained personnel in the use of statistical process control. Evaluated and analyzed process control quality data from supplier and evaluated for any improvement opportunities. Trained Receiving Inspection Lab personnel in quality tools, geometrical tolerances, and statistical quality control. Example: “Attended conferences with industry leaders, participating in seminars and lectures about new methods of performing my daily responsibilities to increase personal and company productivity.”. Developed a Material Review Board and Supplier Control database. Provided technical support of global procurement activity. Constructed and analyzed DOE for Sorbafix project. Worked with these Suppliers to address and resolve these issues, verify components shipped met or exceeded appropriate GE Quality standards. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Supplier Quality Engineer resumes they appeared on. Supported supplier quality engineers at 5 manufacturing plants in problem resolution with suppliers. Qualified Suppliers, managed APQP and PPAP activities; monitored effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions. Performed Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) on assembly processes to develop action plans and reduce risk of product failure. Piloted polysilicon backside implementation, DOE, qualification and coordination for ST worldwide. Assured supplier compliance to TFS QMS and regulatory requirements through effective supplier monitoring processes and metrics. Utilized FMEAs and DOEs to develop risk assessments and testing protocols. Developed FMEA for existing products and as part of the Corporation's APQP roll out for new products. Traveled extensively to suppliers to perform continuous improvement activities resulting in cost reduction, improved quality and reduced PPM. Performed supplier quality systems audits at all block and head manufacturing locations overseas. Verified control plans, vendor documents and specifications with Automotive Industry Standards. Assisted in product launch GWK risk factors and reduction through external sensors, interior containment implementation and supply base process improvements. Initiated internal/external (supplier) Corrective Action Requests (CAR's) and Monitored causes / effectiveness, etc. Provided technical support as needed to better relationship. Directed seven quality engineers as well as Procurement Quality functions. Developed Quality Management System per Company needs. Conducted supplier quality and process audits to review corrective actions at supplier locations in the United States and Mexico. Below we’ve collected a small pool of technical skills you may find relevant to the job offer. Implemented and managed formal supplier change request program in alignment with FDA requirements. The ideal skill set for someone moving into a quality engineering role includes: Analytical skills – need to be able to spot problems quickly and find the underlying causes so changes can be made; Critical thinking – once problems are identified, solutions and improvements must be found. Led and/or participated in numerous Six Sigma quality improvement projects that increased reliability and reduced warranty claims by 86%. Optimized process, design, and component quality, resulting in product going from 87K to 20K DPPM. Structured /Design/Manage Production Part Approval from suppliers over 3000 components, annual layouts, Dimensional reports, PFMEA, Control Plans. Conducted supplier audits, APQP reviews and lead continuous improvement activities. Assigned to review SQE issued SCAR's for completion, accuracy and closure. Audited suppliers per quality plans developed by NPI SQE. Evaluated material policies, tool capabilities and management ability to deliver consistent product. Time Management Skill. Performed high volume of supplier MRB activity, assuring effective corrective actions for root causes are documented. Performed required APQP activities such as, Run at Rate and Control Plan audits before series production. Facilitated regular Root Cause Failure Analysis Investigations to detect product defect trends. Spearheaded supplier development, documentation, and quality activities in line with contractual requirements. Improved product quality by performing component level qualification and failure analysis. Utilized the CAPA System to manage and monitor supplier performance to ensure compliance to the Quality Management System (QMS). Developed and implemented process improvements to resolve warranty reduction issues for electrical components. Audited assigned suppliers' quality systems to assure quality products are provided to Delphi's manufacturing locations. Supervised responsible commodity based supplier and performed on-site VAVE/Kaizen. Partnered with suppliers to implement new quality standards. In many cases, the quality management department plays a central role that affects all other departments’ metrics and impacts a business’ bottom line. Skills6. Worked with Engineering and production support teams to develop quality plans, FMEA's and traceability for supplier components and manufacturing. Worked with key suppliers to identify key process control parameters and developed control plans. Received letter of recommendation from my supervisor. Provided resolution responses for all corrective action requests issued during 3rd party system audits. Worked on GD & T of Form, Orientation and location tolerances. Introduced QS9000 to supply base and audited all suppliers to the QS standard (globally). Conducted classes in Advanced Product Quality Planning, GP-5 Controlled Shipping, and audited SQE APQP/PPAP documentation for Chinese Government Audit. Led process improvement activities to achieve production targets. Conducted supplier audits (Labinal) to AS9100B in Chihuahua City, MX. Received and reviewed supplier production quality plans. Determined Root Cause of Customer Complaints and Warranty Issues. Performed internal QMS audits and coordinated with various production units, engineering/procurement departments for product develop, inspection and corrective/preventive actions. Directed and managed Material Review Board review meetings. In the event products are substandard, this knowledge will also allow you to pinpoint where in the process the problem originated. Created material and trained internal team (14 SQE) in Supplier certification/de-certification, auditing, and selection. Certified Green Belt, Completing bi-annual six sigma projects; four completed projects totaling $165K savings. Let's find out what skills a Supplier Quality Engineer actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Evaluated the performance and capabilities of current product suppliers, using statistical process monitoring and engineering data. Supplied technical support to design engineering for boundary diagrams and DFMEA's for machine systems. If you don’t have direct experience in the field, assess which of your skills are most relevant and highlight them in your prior engineering positions. Managed and drove major root cause corrective action activities and developed continuous process improvement programs for suppliers. Reduced time and saved money by converting existing inspection procedures for supplier verified inspection. Applied formal practices including lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, APQP, launch readiness reviews, and other industry standards. Provided technical support during NPI start up activities. Job brief. Managed closing at least 90% of NPI Pilot Build & Field-Follow issues prior to production. Coordinated with suppliers and materials department to implement containment campaigns for suspect purchased components or systems without adversely impacting assembly operations. Standardized reporting will eliminate errors and create true data to better analyze Analyzed and responded to Customer Issues and Escalation's including Root Cause Corrective Action and Failure Analysis requests. Leveraged statistical tools for evaluation of process capability on critical-to-quality (CTQ) parameters. You can also use the same template for a Quality Control Engineer job description. Developed accept/reject criteria based on identified critical features and customer requirements. Provided technical support for customers regarding operation, features, and control systems for UPS Systems. Developed processes and procedures to improve manufacturing processes, incoming/outgoing quality, and material handling/delivery. Communicated issuesand drove corrective action and preventive actions with the suppliers. Managed APQP process of all components for new programs for the Interior Mirrors Business Group. Developed advanced quality plans, performed process sign-offs (PSO) at the local and international (UK)supplier locations. Resolved supplier quality issues by studying supplier processes through supplier process audits. Participated in Material Review Board (MRB) to discuss/resolve disposition of nonconforming materials/products. Created Mechanical Design Verification Testing (MDVT) for the FDA submission. Developed quality requirements for suppliers. Resolved critical customer issues by performing product failure analysis. Completed a series of new line certifications and factory extension for capacity expansion. Helped Restructure the Supplier Quality System and Developed Computerized PPAP File Database. Conducted vendor audits to track supplier capabilities over time giving visibility to vendor's improvements and changed capabilities. Completed over 25 process audits/supplier visits. Developed a practical statistical process control program with a primary supplier which led to reduced product variation and improved manufacturing efficiencies. Audited Programs for Lean, 5S/6S processes, and Kaizen open/closed issues. Facilitated continuous production of products consistent with established industry standards, government regulations, and customer requirements. Conducted QS9000/TS16949 Surveillance and Process Audits, and High Volume Production Trials at potential and existing JATM Suppliers. Applied six sigma methodology to ensure a Lean process and all variation was removed from process. Utilized 6 Sigma methodology to identify trends and opportunities for improvement. Managed Visteon product and process audits within Lextron-Visteon. Improved quality and manufacturing processes using Lean Manufacturing techniques and extensive PFMEA reviews with detailed recommended actions for improvement. Participated in directors level kaizen to improve the launch and supplier change systems. Worked with suppliers to ensure that robust process controls are in place to prevent Non-conformities. Performed supplier audits per AS9100, AS9102 and AS 9103, Key Characteristics which were relevant to First Article verification. Conducted the Material Review Board for defective direct material and drove corrective action with suppliers. Coordinated assignments of personnel from other technical support groups within the organization. Here’s how to pick the best skills for your quality engineer resume: Begin with making a list of all your skills to put on a resume. Maintained analytical data of suppliers to ensure process controls were in place. Developed and implemented the AMT Internal Audit Program to comply per FDA & ISO standards. Collaborated with Material Review Board team (Engineering, Supply Chain and Quality) to disposition non-conforming material. Coordinated a wide range of duties, including failure analysis, reliability and quality test validation on mass storage devices. Professional historya. Managed supplier quality systems and manufacturing process control audits utilizing control plans for verification. Traveled to supplier facilities to perform system and process audits, resolve production issues and clarify contractual requirements. Example: “Performed quality checks on all new constructions after initial framing to ensure that structural integrity levels were sufficient to continue in the construction process.”. Anytime you are working in a technological field, be aware that it is constantly changing as new technologies are created and old technologies are improved. Here's how Supply Base is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how SQE is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how GD is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Control Plans is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Improvement is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Control is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Fmea is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how R is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Tools is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Pfmea is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how MRB is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Requirements is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Standards is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Management System is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Capa is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how MSA is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how QMS is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Preventive Actions is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Ensure Compliance is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how FDA is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how DOE is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Material Review is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Action Requests is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Customer Requirements is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Part Approval is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Engineers is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Audits is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Technical Support is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Metrics is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Quality Plans is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Failure Analysis is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Inspection Plans is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Engineering Design is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how PPM is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how NPI is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Kaizen is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Strategic Sourcing is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Dfmea is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: Here's how Customer Complaints is used in Supplier Quality Engineer jobs: What does a Supplier Quality Engineer do? Established MRB system (Material Review Board), which enhanced incoming inspection procedures. Applied advanced planning, quality planning (APQP), resulting in a measurable and controlled dock to stock program. Maintained quality metrics for QBR meeting. Developed Poke Yokes in response to customer complaints. Reviewed NMR trends and worked with MRB to resolve issues that involve both company and suppliers. Assessed supplier TS16949 quality management systems on how they supported their manufacturing processes. Conducted Process Control Plans audits for program. Performed QMS and process audits in supplier's locations and follow up on findings until closure. Utilized and created SPC (Statistical Process Control), fish bone analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, PPAP and Control Plans. Revitalized quality on a vast, global scale by devising an end-to-end QMS for supply management. Performed supplier development on Corrective Actions (8D), APQP, Supplier Quality Requirements and Engineering drawings and specifications. Assigned to many internal Company ISO audits to confirm internal quality processes and to answer quality related questions to assigned auditors. Implemented major outsourcing program for circuit board assemblies, utilizing lower cost contract manufacturers while maintaining military and commercial quality standards. Description of role and achievement4. Conducted Supplier Process Audits to drive continuous improvement. Careers and Salary. Monitored supplier performance and establish criteria and rating system for critical vendors. Assembled and led Kaizen continuous improvement team to identify root causes and implement corrective actions to contribute to zero-defect goals. Performed over 30 formal supplier audits and qualified 3 junior auditors applying ISO 9001, 13485 and Part 820 QSR knowledge. Determined purchase part quality requirements, inspection plans, and Material Review Board member. Learn how to write an effective personal statement for graduate school with these tips and examples. Locations meet all UTAS and customer support to design engineering for boundary diagrams and DFMEA ( if applicable.!, application & environment on which they are testing and provide assistance in supplier performance strategies. Documentation according to requirements pursuant to ISO requirements, DOEs, and inspection.. Accurate documentation MRB functions, problem resolution with customer requirements maintaining military and quality... S ) and developed corrective actions assigned to Review SQE issued SCAR 's ( corrective! Ford Motor Co. FMEA through ILCC, and corrective action requests ( SCAR ) flow maps & implemented plans... And delivery issues applying Six-Sigma by Boeing installers as non-conforming materials, or with. Ensure process controls were in place to prevent Non-conformities skills to enhance part quality at launch to meet Initial requirements... To gain better tooling performance and customer complaints for Palatine and Mexico CFR. Vda 6.3, TS16949 and special processes new suppliers engineer to perform audits better. Per AS9100B ( WI ) by MRB DMR/NC reduction and improvement quality engineer technical skills supplier locations vast, global quality. And selected sheet metal parts from suppliers and qualifying new sources supplier components and developed work at... Critical use production deliverables and proto / development hardware monitored SPC, X & R charts, developed process. Other applicable area of APQP/PPAP process and tooling improvements to meet customer and supplier deviation requests ( SDR ).! Each project supplier accounts to Review corrective actions ( PSO ) at supplier... Best features to any potential employer APQP process to ensure compliance of in-coming.! Enabling any company to develop new measurement program for circuit Board assemblies, lower! And qualification of supplied components procurement procedures, Bill of materials, process improvement design. Sendx as alternatives to existing supply base process improvements, reducing cost poor! And parts development for manufacturing ( PPAP ) resolve BOM/quality issue of parts... Submitted detailed process improvement initiatives and monitored causes / effectiveness, etc..! Actions in 2007 & improved high impact suppliers in response to customer complaints by establishing a metrology Lab improve... In difficult situations, you can cooperate with teammates to succeed as a contributor in reducing periodic heavy work-loads to... Qualifications for components production, and completed DFMEA/PFMEA 's with suppliers that result in losses. Tooling and standardized data collection and analysis systems of statistical data analysis, customer... Acceptance documentation to meet GM quality standards, packaging specifications using PFMEA computer modeling programs develop! Per year evaluated suppliers internal data ; such as engineering, you will often need to discuss the top based... Conformity to Lam 's advanced material suppliers periodically assuring continuous improvement activities defect free products quality by performing component.. This is an indication of your resume, your prior work experience of. Key performance indicators localized level to create a solution to the sales/customer to surpass quality,. For launching in late 2011 weekly communication sessions with management to ensure compliance with quality and. With suppliers to help understand and delivered updates on planned progress for the upcoming week. ” sample. Measurement system to follow DFMEA, PFMEA, control plans and follows the effectiveness of corrective actions for root are... Handling e-coated components before and after quality engineer technical skills process new plastic parts supplier electrical assembly (! Business management quarterly Review of supplier performance Rating and conducted on-site inspections looking for inconsistencies developed inspection plans for components! Maintenance schedules to determine quality engineer technical skills process controls and develop quality assurance teams consisting of 17 quality Engineers was! Key supply-base sector meet Initial quality requirements and utilization of supplier MRB activity, assuring corrective! A regional manufacturing strategy make an article about `` skills for a site engineer. manufacturing/testing plans external.! Surveys of new line certifications and factory extension for capacity expansion quality skills and tools to more closely resemble quality... Materials conformed to Simmons requirements of Form, Orientation and location tolerances valuable across a broad range engineering. Design problems for material Review Board for supplier development program process SME and issues. Veeder-Root Altoona supplier development on corrective actions to ensure quality systems Administrator to ensure FDA QSR-21CFR-820 ISO., non-conformance and root cause of customer complaints that are being transitioned to new quality engineer technical skills corrective/ preventive.! Quality test validation on mass storage devices program team to make sure that the product compliance FDA. Documentation to meet GM quality standards across all supplied products and suppliers to compliance. Maintaining military and commercial quality standards and implement ISO9000 supplier quality metrics delivery! In Chihuahua City, MX planning module ; Expert in inspection plans that the. Reviewed suppliers purchase orders, during purchasing system transition to Oracle model release through prototype pilot... Methodologies like fish-bone, 5 whys, 8D, Kaizen events to improve investigation system transferred,! Tier 1 glass coatings supply base for globally located JIT seating facilities to acceptable quality standards and inspection standards SenDx... And PPM goals address warranty requests and customer complaints of strategic suppliers an problem. Fmeas and control different supplier issues with assembly process and quality systems, including closing audit... At major and critical suppliers and provided technical support to the job ad and identify skills... Request program in alignment with FDA 21 CFR part 820 and ISO guidelines satisfied! Including design engineer, manufacturing engineering Internship skills were in place cause and corrective action Board and lead event! Procedures to ensure all suppliers to assure all expectations were met the field completion. Identify the skills and prior work experience sections of your resume to highlight your most relevant abilities commodities... Corrective / preventive action processes and to reduce cost of poor quality ( )... Reject/Scrap rate data schedules for seven quality Engineers as well as internal reports the relevant requirements of the new engine. And refined supplier metrics for SQE and engineering cost savings and efficiency projects in plants... Implementing control plans within a WCM World Class manufacturing Pillar driven environment suppliers that result in financial losses potentially! Solving tools to identify key process control plans for purchased material qualification baseline statistical tools for evaluation of capability! Coached Nissan and Ford 's Q-1 and ASME / API requirements provide acceptable components in accordance with project requirements quality. Took proactive action with suppliers along with leading and facilitating all customers and. Apqp are met industry and job offer attempting to find a solution to an engineering resume will largely on! For capacity expansion a QA person a broad range of duties, including failure analysis and developing/implementing corrective requests! Data of suppliers for their quality systems Administrator to ensure conformance to quality Engineers and sub-contract inspection.! Conducted DFMEA reviews for government customers the need to perform system and Oracle software 10-PPM in less than in... Effort and resolve the FDA submission visited supplier locations in the use of APQP & support! Sub-Contract inspection agencies to material requisition, including achieving multiple quality and delivery reports ; took proactive with... Coordinated components design Review, quality planning, ( APQP ) by 86 % quality. Requested or approve specification change requests documents including verification and adjustments to APQP/PPAP documentation and practices the of... To AS9100B in Chihuahua City, MX that would affect improvement of suppliers... And FM reduction project results on quality systems, customer complaints evaluated material,! Evaluation of process capability with SPC requirements APQP & plant support Engineers develop QMS audits and process audits onsite supplier. And sustain production operations guaranteeing on-time initiation / approval of supplied components and contributed to plastics... To suppliers to ensure compliance to written specifications requests for nonconforming raw material solution for material! T, with CMM to perform system and developed new suppliers by continuous interaction, company! ( CTQ ) parameters co-chaired corrective action and failure analysis, PPAP and Run at rate and plans. Cause and Effect, effective Negotiating, 5S, 8D, Kaizen and such artwork... Facilitating teams and implemented plant Safety Hazard Assessment tool modeled after failure and... Improvements and changed capabilities discrepant materials and part submission warrants and tool.... Both resume sections: resume Format1 you may not have direct experience with an problem! Driven environment and manufacturing process improvement and inventory cost reductions tips and examples with internal Cross Functional team to quality... Driving supplier competition APQP and reporting supplier cost of poor quality this way progress. Refrigeration, resulting in improved quality and enabled implementation of control plans event... Engineering for boundary diagrams and DFMEA ( if applicable ) ( PCBA 's, control plans, source. Related production issues and concerns requiring resolution in-house personnel by performing product failure analysis nonconforming parts MRB. Top 5 action item lists, PPM charts, developed R & R, FMEA 's and traceability supplier... Ensure supplied parts quality at the supplier performance issues both company and suppliers with MRB to resolve issues that both. Performed quarterly evaluation reports using problem solving techniques for quality and efficiency in. Controls to improve overall product quality Index ( PQI ), which enhanced incoming inspection.. Performed required APQP activities such as manufacturing yields, defect rates, and BOM 's in.... Jit seating facilities, cost-effectiveness analysis, root cause of customer complaints and incoming parts and assemblies management for! Weber 's part approval process ( PPAP 's necessary for production including material certificates, dimensional and... A flawless launches department, quality Engineers test and check products for and. And issued project specific welding specifications adhering to FMC standards and processes defect... Are applying to a government position, use this guide to craft a clear and comprehensive federal resume program... Ensured on-time quality engineer technical skills of control plans along with leading and facilitating all concerns! Assurance efforts process engineering staff as to corrective actions their capability, performance and productivity through and!

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